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EXPO 2015 | SERBIAN PAVILLION | Brighter Future

Category: Corporate, Promo

FIAT Powertrain - We Strive for Quality

Category: Corporate, Documentary, Reportage
Client: FIAT

AARHUS 2017 | The Year Ahead

Category: Advertising, Corporate, Promo
Client: AARHUS

ETF | School Development in Kyrgyzstan

Category: Corporate, Documentary, Reportage
Client: ETF

ETF | School Development in Tajikistan

Category: Corporate, Documentary, Reportage
Client: ETF

ETF “Un Partenariat Exemplaire with Tunisia”

Category: Corporate, Documentary, Reportage
Client: ETF

Let’s Rethink

Category: Promo
Client: AARHUS European Capital of Culture 2017

Advert for Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture campaign for social media and web channel. First official promo for launch of marketing activities. Stay tuned for more.

Entrepreneurial Communities

Category: Documentary, Teaser
Client: European Training Foundation

An ongoing mission to visit best local entrepreneurs around the globe to learn from the makers and avoid the breakers. Spark a virtuous circle of change and boost entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Communities - Algeria

Category: Documentary
Client: European Training Foundation

When farmer and social entrepreneur Mohammed Brik established the El Argoub farmers’ association, attracting youth into farming was not the main focus. Starting with a group of around 40 neighbouring small-holders, the objectives were to bring farmers together to build a sense of community, share tips and techniques from their farming experience, and develop organic farming practices, particularly in the rehabilitation of palm tree husbandry. But along this process the community reached unforeseen territories...

PLM Academy

Category: Promo

Promotion of Precision Land Management products for New Holland brand. Web distribution. USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy Germany, France, Australia.

Wind of Change

Category: Advertising, Promo

Promotional video for a ground-breaking innovation in sailing technology.

Cooking with Chef Ugo Alciati

Category: Teaser

Prepare food with creativity and ease. With the help of some kitchen tools everyone can be a culinary star like our masterchef Ugo Alciati. Filmed @ Eataly, Turin. Produced and edited by Cristian Afker for Juma Communication

Inspired in Florence

Category: Corporate, Reportage
Client: Bombay Sapphire

Cafker Productions for Juma Communication Shot & edited by Cristian Afker April 2014

Giugiaro Design

Category: Corporate, Promo
Client: Cuki